Monday, 11 June 2012


Why did I choose this topic?

Researching this topic has helped me aquire an indept understanding of homosexualily and see the issue of homophobia from completely new perspectives. But from any perspective, homophobia should be seen as a way society is taking away rights, self esteem, freedom, etc. from our fellow citizens. I felt the need to research this topic because I grew up in a country where homosexuality is hated to a great extent and it is very difficult to come out and freely be gay or even express views that are not against homosexuality. Why is that so? Arn't these people being provided with adequate informatiuon? If religion isnt a key cause of this issue then why is it worse in developing countries? Why is there hatred against homosexuals and not people who prefer vanilla and not chocolate or strawbeery?

I wonder if the human race as a whole will ever accept homosexuality into its society. The way I see it, is if homophobia is not quickly resolved then the world willnever be at peace.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Curing Homophobia

Homophobia is pervasive in this and many other societies. Because we are all products of our society, most of us are homophobic, regardless of our sexual orientation.Assume that you are homophonic.
Dealing constructively with homophobia first requires an acknowledgement of its pervasive existence. We cannot easily eradicate our homophobic feelings, but if we are willing to acknowledge that we are all homophobic, then we can begin to take responsibility for our choices and change our behaviors.
In addition to assuming the everpresence of homophobia, we can do the following:
Identify homophobia, not homosexuality, as the problem to be addressed. In conversations with friends and colleagues, speak out about homophobia. For many people, the only time that they talk about lesbian, gay, and bisexual people is in the context of homophobic 'jokes.'
Think about the similarities and differences between homophobia and other forms of oppression. Use what you know about racism, sexism, classism, etc., to better understand homophobia and to look for ways to respond to homophobia.
Listen to the experiences of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people and assume that their experience with oppression Is valid. Similarly, assume that the ways in which lesbian, gay, and bisexual people experience the world are different from the ways in which heterosexuals experience the world.
Actively support anti-discrimination efforts, as well as campaigns to stop homophobic prejudice and violence.

Causes of Homophobia

Homophobia is directly related to both power and sexism. Sexism is the belief that men are superior to women, resulting in prejudice and discrimination towards women and femininity. Sexism systematically gives men more power than women.

This is a broad statement, so let's examine how sexism works. Consider two things that are sometimes joked about: men doing housework and women being advanced scientists. The idea of men doing housework is made fun of because housework is considered "women's work," or beneath men. In general, however, men are thought to be capable of doing housework (or capable of learning to do housework).

In contrast, women being advanced scientists is made fun of because of stereotypes that all women are unable to do advanced science. In general, women are (wrongly) thought to be incapable of being advanced scientists. While there are clear distinctions between advanced science and housework, jokes about these two things follow a clear pattern of sexism: tasks that women usually perform are seen as beneath men, and tasks that men usually perform are seen as above women.

One consequence of this system, besides devaluing women, is creating strict gender roles. Gender roles are the behaviors that society thinks are appropriate for men and women. What's wrong with strict gender roles? In the context of homophobia, strict gender roles devalue homosexuality and bisexuality by saying that it is only appropriate for a woman to be sexually or romantically involved with a man and for a man to be sexually or romantically involved with a woman. This leads to a culture that privileges heterosexuality over homosexuality, a system known as heterosexism.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Gay Rights are Human Rights

Over 80 countries around the world currently have sodomy laws or other laws criminalizing homosexuality. Apart from the essential violation of criminalizing this sexual conduct, these laws empower police and other authorities to abuse, harass, estort, imprison and execute people whose sexual orientation, gender identity or expression differs from the dominant "normal". eliminating sodomy laws is fundamental in passing on a universal vision of human rights and decriminalizing homosexuality.

It is everyones responsibility to understand that all human beings are born into this society with rights that give us power, they give us the ability to control the outcomes of our lives and we as a society are not giving this specific group of people the oppertunity to grasp these rights rendered to them at birth.

The sooner we as a society accept and promote LGBTQ rights, is the sooner we will be on the way to decriminalizing homosexuality and providing this group of people with the rights they deserve as       human beings.                                                                                                                                         

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What is Homophobia and Where did it originate?

Homophobia is defined as an extreme and irrational aversion towards homosexuality and homosexual people. Or simple just the hatred or fear of homosexuals. The word "Homophobia" was used for the first time in the 1960's by George Weinberg.

                                                                                               George Weinberg
                                                                                               (Google Images)

George Weinberg is an American Psychologist with a doctorate in clinical psychology and degrees in English and mathematics. Weinberg used the word "homophobia" to clarify that people who are prejudice against homosexuals are suffering from a psychological malady, or an irrational state of mind. Though being heterosexual himself, Weinberg became a successful leader in the struggle to remove homosexuality as a diagnostic category in the professional therapeutic handbook. One can call him an activist for the rights of  homosexuals.

Homophobia stems from individual social and systematic prejudice. Like all attitudes and behaviours based on predudice and hatred, such as sexism mysogyny and racism, homophobia has no real foundation. It comes from one's and society's inability to cope with the differences of others, which can be seen as a threat to individuals then eventually to society in general.